Constructive exchange of experiences has also had the connotation of “time to remember”. The Working Party England of Bianchi Group, HQ Italy of Woking, was visiting London at the headquarters of the British partners ‘ Europa ‘.

Our delegation led by head of Camillo Bilgeri has had the opportunity to visit the home of Dartford, 40 min. by train from the City, where technology and experience blend together creating a reality that represents European excellence in transport and logistics.

“What struck me particularly-stresses Camillo Bilgeri, Export Manager-is the logistics optimization thanks to a kind of electronic brains ‘ Leonardo ‘ that also allows defined in them to be a fact paper less.”

Credit must be given about our British cousins also have the laws governing road traffic that allow you to take full advantage of road transport through the use of high vehicles 3.85 mt and 15.60 metres long.

But Bianchi Group has got to tell his own method and reveal some little secrets that often make the difference in terms of efficiency.

Beyond the exchange of ideas by working the technical master-trip was also lived as an exchange of cultures with sincere smiles. The welcome of the foreign group of ‘ Europe ‘ coordinated by Ken Archer, General Manager, was also characterized by an interesting guided tour of the city of London with a Ferris wheel and tour on the Thames.

Farewell from the two working groups if they are given in a traditional English pub and “to be honest one houndred percent” (as they say them) if we did well in business there’s comparisons, in front of enne pints of beer “Europa” beats “Doe” 6-0, 6-O!