The quality of people and the attitude to relationships always make the difference. A strong company philosophy of the management of Bianchi Group, fully embraced by all employees. In this atmosphere, Bianchi has welcome the representative of the British partner “Europa”, who visited the headquarters in Casnate and then enjoyed a tour in Como and a day in Milan. A meeting headed by the export manager Camillo Bilgeri, who in 2017 had already coordinated a first visit, where Bianchi Group were hosted at the “Europa” headquarters and enjoyed a tour of London with their daily English collaborators.

At the trip on the Thames, Bianchi Group “replied” with a tour on Lake Como … A sincere exchange of cultures, which in any case underlies a technical-working comparison, based also on the idea of ​​optimizing logistics (Europe has a modern management software called Leonardo) and the vision of the new frontiers of transport, after that, in this period since 2017, the first important common goal of that time has already been achieved: 3 departures per day, one every 8 hours. A further reason for pride and union lies in the fact that the relationship between Bianchi Group and Europe is “exclusive”, in the sense that Europa has only Bianchi Group as forwarder in Italy and the same is for Bianchi in England.

The only note of “gray” … The fact that, both during the day spent in Como and during the one in Milan, the bad weather accompanied the English delegation, which showed off the classic humor: “don’t worry, we are used to it. .. “